Lake Poso, Tentena, Pendolo, according to the legend Lake Poso is the pivot around which heaven and earth revolve. Indeed, located dead in the center of Sulawesi, the lake appears to be the force around which the pinwheel arms of Sulawesi turn. Rich in history and local legend, this area is fun to explore. Lake Poso, 37 kilometres long and 13 kilometres wide, offers rainforests, love and coffee plantations, and villages connected by lush green rice fields.

Lake Poso

Lake Poso (Indonesian: Danau Poso) is a lake in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, and the third-deepest lake in Indonesia. The lake contains silver and yellow eels and two endemic fish species, Adrianichtys kruyti and Xenopoecilus poptae. The town of Pendolo is situated at the southern end of the lake, the town of Tentena is located at the northern end, while a number of smaller villages dot the shoreline. The lake drains into the Poso River at Tentena, which flows into the Molucca Sea at the town of Poso. A park containing wild orchids is located near the village Bancea on the lake. As well the forests surrounding the lake still provide rare sightings of the anoa (dwarf buffalo) and the babirusa (literally, pigdeer), a ruminant pig. These two endangered species are among a number of wildlife species found only on the island of Sulawesi.

The third biggest lake in Indonesia has the wide about 32300 hectares with about 450 meters depth. Poso Lake has 32 Km length and wide 16 Km. The Lake situation is reside in 600 meters height above sea level make this area air is nocturnal balmy without have too cool.

Saluopa Waterfall

Visit Poso Lake to become the main reason people to halting-place in Tentena and Pendolo, which is each, located in north back part and south of Poso Lake. Both this places are attributed to supporting facilities for crossing regular transportation lake.

Tourist can walk along to fringe rural area around lake or rent boat to encircle lake. Poso Lake also famous because it have orchid garden called Bancea Orchid Garden that haswild orchid collection. This garden can reach by walking (11 Km) or join with others rental car to Taripa from Pendolo.

The tourism location Salopa Waterfall reside in a forest area near to Tentena, there are a number of rapids, waterfall and some pools with the transparent water as clear crystal.